Use your imagination. Cooperate with your team.
Find the clues and solve the puzzles. Nothing is truly as it seems.
An intense fun time, is waiting you and your friends.
You only have 60 minute to escape.
Will you make it?

Put your team together

Gather your family, friends or colleagues and form a team of 2-6 people. Anyone can play, despite of age and physical status.

Pick A room

Five thematic rooms are at your disposal, for the time being. More to follow shortly. Stay tuned!

State “When”

Pick a date and time using reservation schedule and we will contact you for the confirmation of your reservation.

Come to “Exodus”

Choose your transportation : metro, bus, car and lead yourself to extraordinary moments! Enter the adventure!
Experience thrill in the most unique escape rooms in Greece! Be on time!

Still thinking about it? Book now!